Zachary Oxman

Sculpture (3-works)

Zachary  Oxman Wedding Menorah
Wedding Menorah
14 x 22 x 14 in
Zachary  Oxman Accordian Player
Accordian Player
17 x 0 in
Zachary  Oxman Kiddish Goblet
Kiddish Goblet
Bronze and glass
12.5 x 4 x 4 in

Zachary  Oxman

Zachary Oxman

Zachary Oxman Biography

American, b.1968


The breathtaking poise of an acrobat, the musical mirth of a fiddler, the delight of a father dancing with his beloved daughter—these unforgettable images are the essence of Zachary Oxman’s sculpture. He captures his leaping, joyful, air-borne figures at the very instant they vibrate with exuberance and emotional intensity. His work breaks the bonds of the medium.


Work of such power and grace comes from the heart. Zachary Oxman’s creations are the reflection of a man who delights in the human condition, an artist who rejoices in those sometimes fleeting moments and emotional truths that connect us to one another. In his own words: "I suppose I’ve always been fascinated by what it is that makes us human. And I have concluded that it’s not those great achievements in life we all strive for, important as they may be, but more often our humanity is reflected in simple acts and unguarded moments with family and friends. I try to convey that in my figurative sculpture."


Oxman’s artistic vision and his creative path are grounded in his own upbringing. He was born in Reston, Virginia of parents who, themselves, understood what it is to give creative expression to ideas and emotions. The work of his father (Michael Oxman), an architect, and his mother (Laney Oxman), an artist herself, informed and influenced his dedication to sculpture. Oxman honed his technique (the lost wax casting process) during his studies at Carnegie Mellon University and Florence, Italy. Upon graduating, he built his own foundry where Oxman continues to cast his bronzes himself. Thus, Oxman controls every step and attends to each detail, giving him an in-depth understanding of the process—an understanding that allows him to transcend the medium and create his extraordinary work.


Zachary Oxman’s sculpture has garnered national acclaim and found its way into a growing number of collections, including The White House Collection of American Crafts, which is now touring museums across America. Among the many museums where his work has been exhibited are the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American Art (Washington, DC), the American Craft Museum (New York, NY), The Jewish Museum San Francisco (San Francisco, CA), the Museum of Fine Arts (Springfield, MA), and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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