Wendy Chidester


Wendy Chidester currently works out of her two studios in Salt Lake City and in Helper, Utah. She studied drawing and painting at the University of Utah, graduating with her BFA in 1988, and at the Helper Art Workshops in 2007. She has won several local and national awards. She continues to paint daily and seeks to improve and grow as an artist.

Painting is Chidester’s passion and through her artwork, she shares a part of herself with the world.

I’m a bit of a sentimentalist and it shows in my work. I find myself drawn to the abandoned and neglected objects of yesterday. In today’s fast paced, high tech world an incredible array of well worn tools, gadgets, and mechanical gems have been overshadowed and left behind. These are the subjects for my paintings, and I enjoy the challenge they present.”

To capture the beauty and soul of old inanimate objects, scratches, dents, and worn edges are important. In order to add depth and the perception of age, Chidester incorporates several application processes, including scratching the surface, flicking of paint, and the old master’s technique of glazing until the desired effect is achieved.

With each completed piece Chidester contributes to recorded history. Although memories fade with time Chidester immortalizes the vintage subject matter she paints on canvas.