Vladimir Cora

Paintings (1-work)

Vladimir  Cora Mujer _27
Mujer #27
Mixed media
29.5 x 21.5 in

Photos & works on paper (1-work)

Vladimir  Cora Reposo
14 x 10 in

Vladimir  Cora

Vladimir Cora

Vladimir Cora Biography

(Mexican,  b.1951)

“Vladimir Cora is without doubt one of the young painters who will receive all my support to continue the work I started a long time ago, that they and I and our work will gain full international recognition from Mexico in the field of Plastic Arts. To this end, I wish for this talented young man, all the success he deserves with absolute assurance that he will succeed.  His splendid introductory works guarantee his triumph.”

-Rufino Tamayo, painter and mentor of Vladimir Cora


Vladimir Cora is a painter and sculptor, born in San Diego el Naranjo, in Acaponeta, Nayarit, Mexico. As a child, he played with lace, white paper and paintbrushes, but did not realize his passion for art until he was fifteen, when he came across a production of a Monet painting in a magazine. After taking a few art classes, he began creating his own reproductions of the images he found in those magazines.

Greatly wishing to improve his skills, he left for Mexico City, and was inspired by the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Palace of Fine Arts. However, he struggled to support himself and study art while in the city, and left after six months, hitching his way to Tijuana. There, he found shelter with someone with someone who exchanged room and board for his artwork. While there, Cora attended art classes in the city.

He later returned to Mazatlan, before enrolling in Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado “La Esmeralda”, Mexico City, in 1974. There he was introduced to Gilberto Navarro, through artist Gabriel Macotela.  In 1978 Cora met Rufino Tamayo and began to work in Tamayo’s studio as his pupil, learning various new techniques, applying them to his own style. He remained adamant about learning without imitating the work of his teacher. His studies under Tamayo went on until Tamayo’s passing in 1991.

Cora’s very first exhibition was in Nayarit in 1974, but he began to find his success in 1981, in an exhibition held in Puerto Vallarta, when all of the thirty-three pieces he had on display were sold in one night. His work has since been exhibited in various galleries and cultural centers throughout Mexico, such as Ex-Convento del Carmen in Guadalajara, the Museo de Arte Moderno in Culiacan, the Galeria HB in Mexico City, the Museo Regional de Nayarit, and the Instituto Regional de Bellas Ares in Mazatlan. Outside of Mexico, his work has come to be exhibited in Havana, Lima, Miami, Palm Springs- California, and at the Kodak Gallery in New York.

Cora continued to live in his native state of Nayarit until 1996, when he moved to Santa Ana, California where he now continues to live and work.

Vladimir Cora Resumé

Solo Exhibitions

1974  -  Primer Festival Cultural, Ex-Convento Franciscano,

Acaponeta, Nayarit.

1976  -  Museo Regional,

Tepic, Nayarit.

1977  -  Museo Regional de Antropología e Historia,

  Tepic Nayarit..

  Museo de Cuate,

 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

1978  -   Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte, de Mazatlán,

 Mazatlán Sinaloa, México

1983  -  Museo Francisco Goitia, Zacatecas,

Zacatecas, México

1988  -   Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno INBA, Ciudad de México.

1989  -   Museo de arte de Querétaro, Querétaro, Querétaro, México casa de la cultura,            

Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes,

   México museo de arte contemporáneo, Morelia,

   Michoacán México museo casa diego rivera, Guanajuato,

Guanajuato, México

1990  -    "Las Señoritas de Tecuala". Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende,

Guanajuato, México

Nuevas Obras, B. Lewin Gallery, Palm, Springs, California, estados unidos las bañistas, museo arqueológico de Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México

1992  -   "Obra Reciente" B: Lewin Gallery,

Palm, Springs California, Estados Unidos.

1993 -    "Obra Reciente" B. Lewin Gallery,

Palm Springs Californìa..

1995  -   "Revelaciones" Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, México, D.F. museo costumbrista de Sonora,

Álamos, Sonora, México. Obra reciente, B. Lewin Gallery,

Palm Springs, California, Estados Unidos

1996  - "Revelaciones" / "Revelations". Juárez Fine Art,

Laguna Beach, California.

"Revelaciones" / "Revelations". Exposición Itinerante INBA, Museo de Arte de Sinaloa,

(MASIN) Culiacán Sinaloa.

"Las Mujeres de Vladimir Cora" / "Vladimir Cora: Women". Museo Arqueológico de

Mazatlán, Sinaloa

1997  -   "Las Mujeres de Vladimir Cora" / "Vladimir Cora: Women". Museo Costumbrista,

Álamos, Sonora. "Las Mujeres de Vladimir Cora" / "Vladimir Cora: Women". Museo de Arte Moderno (MASIN)

Culiacán, Sonora.

"Las Mujeres de Vladimir Cora" / "Vladimir Cora: Women". Museo Emilia Ortiz

 Tepic, Nayarit.

2000  -  San Carlos, Sonora. Museo Costumbrista de Sonora, Álamos,

Sonora, México

2001  -  Coda Gallery,

Palm Desert, California.

"Figuras" / "Figures". Marion Meyer,

Laguna Beach, California.

Instituto de Cultura Baja Californiano,

La Paz, Baja, California.

2003  -   "Figuras y Cabezas" Pintura, Dibujo y Escultura" / "Faces and Heads". Drawings, Paintings and Sculpture".Casa Museo Vladimir Cora.

Acaponeta Nayarit, México

"Natura: Flores Para Mary" / "Nature: Flowers For Mary". Marion Meyer Contemporary Art

 Laguna Beach, CA.

2004  -   Natura: Flores Para Mary, Eleanore Austeter gallery,

San Francisco, California, Estados Unidos.

    Figuras y Cabezas, Latín América Contemporany Gallery

 Santa Monica, California, Estados Unidos.

   "Natura: Flores Para Mary" / "Nature: Flowers For Mary. Los Pasillos del Arte, Televisa

Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California

   "Natura: Flores Para Mary" / "Nature: Flowers For Mary". 32 Festival Cervantino,

León, Guanajuato.

2005 -  Obra Reciente, Consulado de México

 San Francisco, California, Estados Unidos "Pintura,

Dibujo y Escultura" / "Drawings, Paintings and Sculpture". Irma Valerio Galerías

 Zacatecas, Zacatecas.

2006  -   “Natura: Flores Para Mary" / "Nature: Flowers For Mary". Museo de Arte Contemporáneo José

Luís Cuevas, México, D.F.

    "Natura: Flores para Mary" /” Natura: Flowers For Mary". Galería Oscar Román

    "Figuras y Cabezas"  Salón de la Plástica Mexicana,

México, D.F."Obra Reciente" / " Recent Works". Galerìa Corsica,

Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

2007  -    “Figuras y cabezas” “Faces and Heads” Difocur Museo de Arte,

 Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

2008  -  “IV Festival internacional de las aves migratorias” Casa de la cultura,

San Blas Nayarit

2009 -   Los Apóstoles, Festival Internacional de las Artes,

San Luis Potosí, México

2010 -   Loa Apóstoles, Explanada del Palacio de Bellas Artes, Ciudad de México.

2011  -   “Danza de pájaros” Festival Internacional Cervantino.

2011  -  “Los Apóstoles” Galería de Arte Contemporáneo,

                        San Miguel de Allende. 

2012  -   “Obra Nueva” Galería 303, de Valle de Bravo,

Estado de México.

2012  -  “Obra Nueva”, Galería Uno de Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

    “Líneas del Tiempo” Centro de Arte Contemporánea del bicentenario Emilia Ortiz,

Tepic Nayarit

    “Líneas del tiempo” Museo Olga Costa- José Chávez Morado,

Guanajuato, Gto.

    “Feria de Nayarit en California” Jacob Center

San Diego California.

   “Variantes, Pintura y Escultura Instituto de Arte y Cultura,

Tijuana Baja, California.



Coda Gallery

            Palm Desert, California

MLA Gallery

            Los Angeles, California

Nuun Espacio de Arte

            Oaxaca, Mexico

Jorge Mendez Gallery

            Palm Springs, California

Ford Fine Art

            Delray Beach, Florida

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