Ruben Fasani

Glass (8-works)

Ruben  Fasani Extra Large Car _2
Extra Large Car #2
13 x 32 x 4 in
Ruben  Fasani Car People _714
Car People #714
8 x 12 x 2 in
Ruben  Fasani Car Ride _723
Car Ride #723
12 x 21 x 3 in
Ruben  Fasani Large Car
Large Car
12 x 22 x 3 in
Ruben  Fasani Long Wagon
Long Wagon
8 x 21.5 x 3 in
Ruben  Fasani On the Wall _719
On the Wall #719
15 x 2 x 8 in
Ruben  Fasani Semi Circle
Semi Circle
9 x 20 x 5.5 in
Ruben  Fasani Standing People
Standing People
0 x 0 in

Ruben  Fasani

Ruben Fasani

Ruben Fasani Biography

(Argentinian, b. 1960)

Ruben Fasani was born in Argentina in 1960.  He studied at the National School of Ceramics, graduating with an Artistic Ceramics Technician degree. In 1991, he traveled around Japan and Europe for six months, where he visited principal centers of ceramics and glass. He began working on his “Navy Series” combining two different techniques: lost wax (Pate du Verre) and fusing glass. Two or more layers of glass create forms that trigger the imagination of the observer. Fasani enjoys discovering and experiencing the different characteristics and possibilities of glass: transparencies, textures, stretching, etc., elements which compliment his initial concept.

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