Michael Mogus

Sculpture-wall (1-work)

Michael  Mogus Shift in Time
Shift in Time
38 x 30 x 5 in

Michael  Mogus

Michael Mogus

Michael Mogus Statement

Art is a paradox that has no laws to bind it.  The artist must work towards the unknown.  Whether this is called invention, finding or searching.  It must be a projection beyond the given state of art.

Michael Mogus Resumé



2001    “Home Sweet Habitat”, Red Butte Gardens, S.L.C.,UT

2000  76th Utah Spring Salon, Springville, Utah

2000  “Boxes” Salt Lake City Art Center, S.L.C., UT

1999  “Autumn Show”, Phillips Gallery, S.L.C., UT

1998  “Blue” Salt Lake Art Center, S.L.C., UT

1996  "Altering Convictions" Loge Gallery, S.L.C., UT.

1996  "3 Dimensional Utah, 100 Years of      Sculpture" U.S.U., Logan, UT.

1996  "Garden Sculpture Show" Phillips Gallery,

1995  Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes, No, S.L.C., UT.

1994  70th Utah Spring Salon, Springville, Utah

1993  "Nemelka Spiritual Show", Springville, Utah

1993   Parade of Homes, Salt Lake City, Utah

1993  69th Utah Spring Salon, Springville, Utah

1992  University of Utah School of Medicine Exhibit

1991  "Emergence", Salt Lake City Art Center

1990  "Celebration"  Dolores Chase Gallery, S.L.C., UT.

1990  University of Utah Student Show



Sarcos                                                                          “Centuries End” Springville Museum of Art, Springville, UT

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