Sculpture (3-works)

Mary  Oros Coco_s Pirouette
Coco's Pirouette
61 x 26 x 22 in
Mary  Oros Dust Up
Dust Up
38 x 21 x 34 in
Mary  Oros
Periwinkle Waft
32 x 28.5 x 21.5 in

Mary  Oros

Mary Oros

Mary Oros Statement

I'm most like an abstract expressionist in that my work starts in response to a feeling. The feeling informs my visual direction at which point I start drawing the form that's in my mind. When I've hit on a drawing that feels right, I'll work it until it makes sculptural sense, and then get into my armature and materials asap. I'm a hands on designer so new directions sometimes happen as I go along, but my goal is to always maintain the immediacy and essence of the initial drawing.

I make ' traditional ' sculpture in the sense that it's important to me that it works well in the round. I want to walk around the piece and feel a continuum, so that anywhere I pause the expression is clear.

My building process is dictated by the form and both are continually evolving. I not only design the piece, I design the process to build it.

What inspires me:
I just like being outside in California. The natural ruggedness inspires me, the whacky vegetation, the light, the air, the microclimates, and of course the ocean. Dance also inspires me. - The expression as well as the physicality of it. I am currently inspired by underwater life forms, and their movement.

Mary Oros Resumé


SFMOMA Artists Gallery


Benicia Magazine, May 2017
'Concrete Contour' - A Fitting Description
for Artist Mary Oros' Work,


2003   Atrium-505 Sansome Street,
“Sculpture by Mary Oros,” San Francisco, CA

2008   Arts Benicia Gallery,
“Affinities and Variations,” Benicia, C A


2014   Gallery 621, "Guests of the Gallery", Benicia, CA
2012   Gallery 621, "From the Arsenal and Beyond", Benicia, CA
2008   A New Leaf Gallery, “Spring Show,” Sonoma, CA
2008   Arts Benicia Gallery, “Benicia Artists Open Studios,” Benicia, CA
2007   Arts Benicia Gallery, “Art of a Community,” Benicia, CA
2007   Arts Benicia Gallery, “Benicia Artists Open Studios,” Benicia, CA
2006   San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2005   Grounds For Sculpture, “New Additions Outdoors, Spring/Summer,” Hamilton, NJ
2004   Grounds For Sculpture, “Off The Rim: Pacific Rim Sculptors,” Hamilton, NJ
2004   Pacific Rim Sculptors Group, Winter Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
2004   Taking The Leap Group Exhibition, Emeryville, CA
2003   Pacific Rim Scu?lptors Group, Fall Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
2003   Pacific Rim Sculptors Group, Summer Exhibition, San Francisco, CA

1977 Cleveland Institute of Art, BFA Sculpture
1975 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture


'Concrete Contour' - A Fitting Description for Artist Mary Oros' Work,
Benicia Magazine, May 2017

1977 Agnes Gund Award, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH
1975 Purchase Prize, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME

Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ

Medivation, San Francisco, CA
Mrs. Suzanne Narducci, Los Gatos, CA
Marcia Barrow-Taylor, Lafayette, CA
Dan Jensen & Gene Doherty, Benicia, CA


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