Paintings (16-works)

John  McCaw Water Under the Bridge
Water Under the Bridge
Mixed media on canvas
45 x 45 in
John  McCaw Apple of my Eye
Apple of my Eye
Mixed media and collage
60 x 45 in
John  McCaw
Oil on canvas
30 x 24 in
John  McCaw Escape
Mixed media on canvas
45 x 45 in
John  McCaw Existence
Mixed media on canvas
60 x 45 in
John  McCaw Rhythm
Acrylic on plexiglass
30 x 82 in
John  McCaw Static
Mixed media on board
48 x 48 in
John  McCaw The Harbor
The Harbor
Mixed media on board
50 x 40 in
John  McCaw Tiered Landscape
Tiered Landscape
Mixed media on plexi glass
60 x 36 in
John  McCaw Accelerate
Mixed media
60 x 97 in
John  McCaw Form of a Form
Form of a Form
Mixed media
48 x 36 in
John  McCaw Human Equation
Human Equation
Mixed media
40 x 36 in
John  McCaw Intersect
Mixed media
31 x 25 in
John  McCaw Saturated
Mixed media
31 x 25 in
John  McCaw Transformation
Mixed media
38 x 98 in
John  McCaw Mr. D
Mr. D
Mixed media
45 x 93 in

John  McCaw

John McCaw

John McCaw Biography

(American, b. 1967)

John McCaw, the oldest son of American expressionist Dan McCaw and brother to painter Danny McCaw, has been immersed in art from an early age. Sharing a studio with his father and brother has been a source of constant inspiration that has propelled John’s art far past the academic. John’s artistic background comes from the tactile nature of ceramics and clay, which can clearly be seen in the physicality of his paintings. The emphases on strong design, simple shapes, varied surfaces and sensitive color has enabled John to create well balanced visually stimulating art.

Instinct and emotion played a major role in the development of John's art. By reacting spontaneously to his paintings, John translates emotion through a non-objective way, allowing the viewer to interpret freely and to participate in the painting. By drawing their own conclusions and gaining insight into their own emotions, the artist and the viewer are able to connect on a certain level. "My paintings are a search to find and express my own voice and my own individuality. Only then can I call myself an artist."


John McCaw Statement

My goal as an artist is to take the very basics of art which are color, texture and design and compose them in a way so that it is not only visually stimulating but also thought provoking. When reality or objectivity is taken out of the picture the viewer has to rely on the pure emotion. By challenging the viewers to look within themselves to find why a piece of art moves them in one direction or another, the viewer is able to participate in the painting and hopefully learn something about themselves. Sometimes the answers come easily, other times you have to search to find the answers. Paintings are like friends, some you like better than others, some you except for what they are, and others you wonder what you ever saw in them in the first place. In any case, life experiences help to create an individual’s own unique reality. What I'm doing is giving the individual something that they already possess; it's up to the individual to find the answers within themselves.


John McCaw Resumé

For full resume, view PDF below


Long Beach State University - BA

Selected Exhibitions

2015 District3 Contemporary, McCaw Collective, Los Angeles, CA

2015 Anne Irwin Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2015 Gallery 1261, a Friendly Challenge, Denver, CO

2014 Anne Irwin Gallery, the McCaws, "An Artistic Legacy”, Atlanta, GA

2014 Gallery 1261, Group Exhibition, Denver, CO

Selected Publications

Professional Artist, Cover, March/April 2013

Studios, American Artist 2011

Focus, China Article, May 2010

American Art Collector, Friends and Art, Oct 2008

Luxury Life & Style, Premiere 2007


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