Jean Louis Corby

Sculpture (3-works)

Jean Louis Corby Protection
19 x 12 x 10 in
Jean Louis Corby Fou de Joie
Fou de Joie
21 x 9 x 9 in
Jean Louis Corby Les Quatre Saisons
Les Quatre Saisons
23 x 18 x 6 in

Jean Louis Corby

Jean Louis Corby

Jean Louis Corby Biography

(French, b. 1951)

Jean Louis Corby was born in Paris in 1951. He was educated at Lycée Technique des Eucalyptus in Nice, France.

Corby started his carreer as a painter and has been a sculptor since 1985. Jean Louis Corby’s work combines both the abstract and detailed, as well as freeflowing forms and geometric shapes. His work focuses on rhythm and movement. The figures that the artist creates are not gender specific and have been described as representing humankind’s “duplicity, strength, subtlety, lack of freedom or emotional way of escaping from the slings and arrows imposed on it, its triumphs, its universal yet at the same time personal and unique plastic language that seizes each of us in our innermost consciousness.” His work explores the concept of the duality of human nature.

Corby's accomplished and highly individual sculptures have been exhibited throughout Europe, including exhibitions in Paris, Bordeaux, London, Prague, Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam and Maastricht.

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