David Adams


I grew up in the Western United States. We first lived in southeastern Washington and then in Northern New Mexico. I always enjoyed outdoor activities and sports along with the arts, literature, math and sciences. As a youth in New Mexico I spent a lot of time in the mountains of New Mexico, the plains region of Nebraska and the red rock regions of southern Utah. From these experiences, I developed a deep and abiding reverence for the wondrous variety of landscapes and the many aspects/forces of Nature that exist there.

Along with exposure to the many forms and life in landscape, I was exposed to a variety of cultures and beliefs around me. I find the differences and shared views on which all culture and belief are based to be fascinating, something I continue to explore.

I have always based my works on ideas that relate to the origins of culture, myth, belief and understanding. I don't particularly care to promote any specific belief system as much as explore the natural forces that engender, inform and shape them.

The other main aspect of my work has to do with the exploration of the nature of remembering. The images we see as well as those we sense just outside our field of vision or didn't quite notice as we pass from one point to another. Remembered images often consist of incomplete or randomly reconstructed images and impressions from dreams and experiences that, nevertheless become a real memory.

These may happen as a result of a human emotions arising from experiences such as tragedy or the impression of awe and wonder that scale and terrain found in certain landscapes inspire in us. I find these special characteristics of place interesting and often include references to them in my work.

I work in both two and three-dimensional media using metals, stone and paint to produce my works. The sculpture is either presented as free-standing, environmental or wall mounted pieces. Each piece usually consists of a central figure form of primarily fabricated and cast metals to with additional metal and stone elements. I often incorporate color in the finished pieces and the aluminum works are always painted with multi-chromic industrial enamels. These forms combine and layer elements of nature with aspects of human figure and geometry to create forms that refer to the interactions of humanity in the landscape and the mythos that arises as a result of our memories of those interactions and experiences.

My paintings are executed in acrylics and pastels on fabricated and prepared aluminum panels or sometimes, canvas.  I use traditional and some non-traditional painting techniques to build up paintings of many layers of color and texture.

I seek to create works of visual depth, texture and line to create vibrant works that capture a sense of movement and life that will remain captivating after many viewings.  In this pursuit my works result in a seeming visual paradox of complex simplicity that evokes a sense of serenity through the application of often fairly intense colors. Combinations of contradictions to create rich harmonies.