Glass (3-works)

Christian  Guenther Green Apples
Green Apples
19 x 15 x 15 in
Christian  Guenther Apple
13 x 13 x 13 in
Christian  Guenther Red Apples
Red Apples
19 x 15 x 15 in

Christian  Guenther

Christian Guenther

Christian Guenther Statement

I have had an interest in producing artistic objects since I was very young. During the course of my life I have utilized pencil & paper, photography, clay, stone, metal, gems and glass to convey my ideas/ feelings about my relationship to the natural world and its juxtaposition to the world we have created around us.


My current work is a series of signposts or markers, if you will, from photo study of the most raw and basic elements of nature. These markers are intended to lead one's thoughts back to what I see as the basic building blocks of our existence, our foundation. Ultimately, a reassessment of what we have done with the cosmic miracle that surrounds us is what I'm trying to evoke from the viewer with this work. On a less transcendental level, I like the idea of bringing these strong image/ elements into the home, or private environments we maintain for ourselves.

Christian Guenther Resumé

Shows & Exhibitions

2002     -         Clark Contemporary Gallery Mammoth Lakes, CA

Gathering Light and Mixed Company: 5 California Artists- Sculpture


Venice Community Housing Corp., Venice, CA

Donation for Silent Auction: Vase ($400)


California Glass Exchange, San Jose, CA

Donation For Auction: Sacred Vessel, with James Knox ($540)


2001 & 2002 -    FFA Auctions, Mariposa

Donation for Auction: 7” Merced River Vase ($75)


1999     -        Pilchuck School Student Show 1999, Standwood, WA

Pilchuck Glass School Auction, Tacoma, WA

Donation for Auction: Three Basalt Columns, Tallest 45” ($2500)


Quarteck Gallery

1995- 1997 -      Numerous Group Shows of Blown Vessels and Light Fixtures


Red Cup, Blue Cup, Westwood, CA

1994- 1995-   Numerous Group Shows of Blown Vessels and Sculpture


Conrad Johnson Gallery, Venice, CA

1991     -        Solo Show- Blown Vessels and Sculpture


1991     -       Mixed Media Sculpture in Three Person Group Show

Chris Eisner, Charles Linder and Christian Guenther

Environmental Sculpturing, Venice, CA

1990     –       Solo Show- Mixed Media Sculpture and Furniture

Westside Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA

1988     –       Exhibition and Donation for Auction: 13” Cylindrical Vase ($200)


Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA

1988- 1993-  Numerous Student/ Instructor Exhibitions



1999     -           Pilchuck Glass School

1991-1992 -      Palomar College, San Diego, CA

1988- 1991-      Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA


Selected Collections

NATIONAL PARK SERVICE, Devil's Postpile Nat'l monument, commissioned sculpture for visitor's center, Mammoth Lakes, CA

SHAQUILLE O'NEAL, athlete, commissioned sculpture for aquariums, Los Angeles, CA       

KELSEY GRAMMER, actor, commissioned sculpture for private residence, Agoura Hills, ca

TED DANSON & MARY STEENBERGEN, actors, vases and bowls for private residence, Los Angeles, ca

EDIE BRICKELL, recording artist, sculpture for private residence, New York,


JUDGE REINHOLD, actor, vases and bowls for private residence,

Santa Fe, New Mexico

JENNIFER ANISTON, actor, lighting for private residence, Malibu, CA

BARBARA LAZAROFF, restaurateur, bowl for private residence, Los

Angeles, CA

ELEANOR SCHLOSSBERG, collector, sculpture for private residence,

Puget Sound, WA

AL & MYRA ROSEN, collectors, commissioned sculpture for private

residence, Mandeville Canyon, CA

ELIZA'S & ELIZA'S II, restaurants, lighting and sculpture, San Francisco, CA

SPINELLI'S COFFEE, café, lighting, San Francisco, CA

JAVA CITY, café, lighting, San Francisco, CA

Silverlake Conservatory of Music, collector, sculptural vessel, Los Angeles, CA

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