Glass (2-works)

Simone  Cenedese Arcobaleno
12.5 x 8 x 9 in
Simone  Cenedese Pittura Fresca
Pittura Fresca
8 x 7 x 7 in

Simone  Cenedese

Simone Cenedese

Simone Cenedese Biography

(Italian, b. 1973)

Simone Cenedese is one of the youngest Murano glass masters, bringing with him the background of a glass master dynasty. He approached glassmaking while still driven by his passion for design, first as a hobby, and then working full-time with his family creating glass works. Cenedese successfully applies a modern style and design to an ancient material. From this union of old and new, which only appear to be in contrast with one another, the art works of this young and dynamic artist-designer are born. He has continuously collaborated with famous architects to create pieces destined to leave their mark on the world of giftware design.

Cenedese is currently one of the most requested and appreciated Murano master glass makers. He represents the third generation of Cenedese glassmakers, after Giuseppe and Giovanni.


Simone Cenedese Statement

Glass for me is like an open work, every time I play it with new forms creating new colors and shades. In my works there are moments of life, those in which it captures a fragment that contains a whole story. Glass, as the word is an immortal matter and now it lives an unusual season in the sphere of our existence. It is a rewarding encounter with beauty, in his reflections glimpsed the night and the day, the sea and the land, the history and nature. I think that glass is visual poetry, an emotion that fills the eye and elevates our soul.

Glass is a new classic that still has much to say to modern man. It is a material that interacts closely with the wood, stone, steel. With my eyes, or with that of designers of absolute importance, I gave life to objects that illuminate the space of a new soul, making the furniture creative and emotional. That’s why I sign my works one by one, because they are unique and in each of them there is a little part of myself.


Simone Cenedese Resumé

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Selected Exhibitions

2011- 2012

1861-2011: An Island, An Art, A Museum, Museum of Glass, Murano (Venezia), Italy


Seasons. Koru Contemporary Art, Hong Kong


Fare Vetro, Artistic Creation and Craft Techniques in one hundred different works. Simone Cenedese presents “Piante Succulente”, 12 pieces in different colours, Murano-Venice Glass Museum, Venice, Italy


The Heart of Venice, First International competition for ideas where innovation and design meet the technical and cultural heritage of Murano Lighting glass category.


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