Admir Pervathi was born in 1979 in a family of artists in the town of Lezha, Albania. Ever since he was little, Admir grew up loving art. In elementary school, his drawings were published in a children’s magazine. This marked the start of his path in art.

He went to Arts High School ‘Jordan Misja’ and later on he studied Arts in the Academy of Arts, in Tirana.

In the academy, he was keen on abstraction. With time, Admir focused on abstract expressionism, which he still works with to this day.

Critics in his country have distinguished him as an important figure of this art movement. In 2018, Admir represented Albania in an exhibition in Graz, Austria. He has various personal exhibitions in Albania and many collective exhibitions in the world, in the Biennale of Rome, Pamphilj Museum, Im Rathaus Museum in Gleisdorf, Istanbul, Vancouver Panair Art Fair, International Contemporary Art Fair in Thessaloniki, Palazzo Paolo Benevento, Ljubjana Bocholt etc.

His paintings are part of many collectors’ treasures in Albania and in the world and others are exposed in galleries and museums.

Critics, written and electronic media have always spent positive words and acclaimed his work.

Admir lives in Tirana as a professional painter in free creation.


My paintings belong to the abstract expressionism movement. It is my inner emotional self-expressed in colors. Abstract expressionism gives you the chance to be free and express feelings and fantasize, which is rare in the day-to-day life. You’ll find what inspires me in the titles of my works. Books, history, events, thought and many inner feelings. I need to love my piece of art. I want the colors to be in harmony and be able to show what I’ve meant in the first place.



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May 7 - June 7, 2020
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