Hare's style could be called photo-realism, but his art goes beyond realistic likeness, which capture merely the minute details of a particular subject - although he is capable of doing just that.

In his work, the larger-than-life close-ups are depicted with all their infinite color and details.  It is as if the artist held a magnifying glass up to his subject and painted what he saw.

But what he has captured as a result is a new reality, renewing in us a sense of appreciation for the subject; its texture and infinite varieties of color.  The object seems so real that we believe we can reach out and touch it.

Ray has received national recognition for over 20 years and is represented in public and private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

His unique vision through enlarged images and illusion is shared through paintings that grasp the essence of his subjects.  The emotional impact of each painting confronts and challenges us to view reality with renewed emotion.  He incorporates conceptual studies with practical mastery of fine art, testing each image and medium to its limit.

Native Californian Ray Hare has expressed himself through art at an early age. In high school he won numerous state and national competitions. He received a full scholarship to California College of Arts and Crafts where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with High Distinction. Ray then went to San Francisco State University to receive his Masters of Fine Art.

Ray Hare is based in Orange County, California where he and his wife Susan raised their three children. His art has been shown in numerous museums including San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, DeYoung Museum, Oakland Museum, Crocker Kingsley Art Museum and the Los Angeles Art Institute. Many prominent corporations and institutions have added his work to their collections. He was commissioned by ABC to paint a portrait of Oprah Winfrey for her private collection. Commissioned by NBC to paint a portrait of Elizabeth Taylor for her private collection and by Fox Network to paint a portrait of Ray Charles for he and his son Ray Charles Jr's private collection. Ray is in numerous private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

PUBLICATIONS        San Francisco Examiner

Lifestyles, Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Times                   

714 Magazine of Newport Beach

Sacramento Bee

Arizona Republic & Gazette

Saddleback News

Scottsdale Progress, Scottsdale, AZ

Art Space

Scottsdale Scene, Scottsdale, AZ

Orange County Register



EXHIBITIONS            Oakland Museum of Art, Oakland, CA

                                    Modern Art Museum, San Francisco, CA

                                    Deyoung Museum of Art, San Francisco, CA

                                    Crocker Kingsley Museum of Art, Sacramento, CA

                                    Los Angeles Art Institute, Los Angeles, CA

                                    National Museum Tour sponsored by Hallmark

                                    Western States Exhibition, Sacramento, CA

                                    War Memorial and Performing Arts Center, San Francisco, CA

                                    San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

Commissioned by Gregory H. Willenborg, Executive Producer of              "America's Hope Award" portraits of Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Taylor and Ray Charles



COLLECTIONS       Philip Morris Corporation

Bob Hope Cultural Center, McCallum Theater for the Performing Arts,

Palm Desert, CA

                                    Bank of America, San Francisco, CA

                                    Crocker Kingsley Museum, Sacramento, CA

                                    Delta Petroleum Corporation, Newport Beach, CA & Kentucky

                                    Crocker Bank Collection, San Francisco, CA

                                    Mission Viejo Company, Mission Viejo, CA

                                    Foster Farms Corporation, Modesto, CA

                                    Chevron Oil Corporation, CA

                                    Akin Development, Orange County, CA

                                    John Little Development, CA

                                    PRC - Product Research and Chemical Corp., CA

                                    Private Collections throughout the United States and Europe






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