Paintings (7-works)

Carol  Spain Freedom
Acrylic on canvas on wood
47.5 x 65 x 2.25 in
Carol  Spain Coincidentally
Acrylic on canvas on wood
88 x 48 x 4.25 in
Carol  Spain Let_s All Go To The Roxy
Let's All Go To The Roxy
Acrylic on canvas on wood
46 x 75.25 x 3 in
Carol  Spain State of Being
State of Being
Acrylic on canvas
48 x 48 in
Carol  Spain Waiting
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 60 in
Carol  Spain Worlds
Acrylic on canvas
60 x 36 in
Carol  Spain Sail Free
Sail Free
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 36 in

Carol  Spain

Carol Spain

Carol Spain Biography

1992               Award - Outstanding contributions to the arts in El Dorado County
1991               Commission - Created cover books for Leo Buscaglia - Born for Love
1986-1989      Scholarships - Bank Street College/Parsons School of Design New York, New York
1986               Selected Artists - Sacramento Arts Commission for public art piece
1985               Invited Artist, Distinguished Artist Forum - California State University, Long Beach, California
1985               Selected Murals - UC Davis Medical Center, Davis, California
1984               Commission Awarded - Light Rail System for Sacramento Arts Commission
1982               Purchase Award - Oregon State Arts Council
1981-1982      California Arts Council State Local Partnership Award
1980               Purchase Award - California Arts Council on the Arts
1978-1979      Selected Administrator/Artist for Community Art Development - South Lake Tahoe, California
1976               Purchase Award - Everhart Museum, Scranton, Pennsylvania
1975-1976      Artist in Residency - N.E.H. Nevada Council for the Arts
1975               Awarded Grant for Research - National Endowment for the Humanities
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         PUBLIC AND CORPORATE CLIENTS

AVCO Head Office. Newport Beach
California Health Association, Department of Education. Sacreamento
El Dorado County Complex. South Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe Airport. South Lake Tahoe
Library. South Lake Tahoe
Mental Health Building. South Lake Tahoe
P.G.&E. Sacramento
Public Safety Communication Building (9-1-1). Sacramento
S.A.F.E. Federal Credit Union. Sacramento
San Jose State College. San Jose
South Tahoe High School. South Lake Tahoe
UC Davis Medical Center. Sacramento

New York
AT&T. New York City
Carter, Ledy and Melburn. New York City
Combustion Engineering Company. New York City
IBM. New York City
J.C. Penney. New York City
Martin and Segal Co. New York City
Mobil Oil. New York City
New York Hospital. New York City
Smith Barney and Co. Brokerage. New York City
UNICEF. New York City
Xerox. New York City

First Pennsylvania Bank. Philadephia
Jewish Community Center. Scranton
International Salt Company. Clerks Summit
Keystone College. La Plume
Marywood College. Scranton
Penn State University. College Station
University of Scranton. Scranton
Westinghouse Corp. Harrisburg

Other States
American Fletcher National Bank. Indiana, IN
Arthur Anderson and Co. Chicago, IL
Ashland Oil Company. Ashland, KY
Cancer Society. Portland, OR
Casselberry Atlantic Bank. Orlando, FL
Downtown Gallery. Honolulu, HI
First Interstate Bank. Reno, NV
Holiday Executive Offices. Bridgeport, CT
New State Department. Washington, DC
Oregon State Council on the Arts. Portland, OR
RCA. Westchester Airport, NJ
South Western Bank. Dallas, TX
U.S. Bank Trust. Portland, OR
Valley Bank. Reno, NV

American Embassy. Brasilia, Brazil
Goldman Sachs International. Tokyo, Japan

Carol Spain Description



Four Seasons Hotel, San Francisco, CA - 2012
Golden Gate Studios. Oakland, CA - 2009
Saga Gallery. Cotati, CA - 2005-2006
Western Nevada Community College Gallery. Carson City, NV - 1990, 1993-94
Lake Tahoe Community College. South Lake Tahoe, CA - 1990
The Lake Gallery. North Lake Tahoe, CA - 1984
Valhalla Arts Festival. South Lake Tahoe, CA 1984, 1988, 1992
Gallery I, Tahoe TV Cable Company. South Lake Tahoe, CA - 1982
The Upstairs Gallery. Palo Alto, CA - 1981
The Art Gallery Co-Op. Portland, OR - 1981
Galleria One, Old Plaza Courtyard. Palm Springs, CA - 1979, 1982
Ann R. Richards Gallery. Tokyo, Japan - 1979
The Art Gallery Co-Op. Portland, OR - 1978
Norfolk Art Gallery. Reno, NV - 1978
University Church Fine Arts Gallery. Reno, NV - 1978
Hartmann Gallery. Reno, NV - 1978
Norfolk Art Gallery. Reno, NV - 1977
Nevada Art Gallery. Reno, NV - 1977
University of Scranton. Scranton, PA - 1976
Ann Kendall Richards Gallery. New York City, NY - 1976
Connecticut State College. CT - 1975
IDA Gallery. San Francisco, CA - 1975
Arras Gallery. New York City, NY - 1975
Modern Art Editions. New York City, NY - 1975
Tunnel Gallery. New York City, NY - 1975
Penn State University. College Station, PA - 1974-77
Galerie Pulchri Studio, The Hague. Holland - 1974
Alma PerIls Art Gallery. Allentown, PA - 1974
Pospect Hall. Emmitsburg, MD - 1973
International Salt Company. Clarks Summit, PA - 1972
Keystone College. La Plume, PA - 1972
Suraci Gallery. Scranton, PA - 1971
Michael of the Carlyle Gallery. Denver, CO - 1971
Lorenz Gallery. Chevy Chase, MD - 1971
Little Rock Art Center. Little Rock, AK - 1971
Art Center. Virginia City, NV - 1971
Talent Tree Gallery. Omaha, NE - 1970
Little Daisy. Berkeley, CA - 1970
lnternaonal Art Gallery. Memphis, TN - 1970
Keystone College. La Plume, PA - 1969
Grail. New York City, NY - 1968-70
Portland Art Gallery. Portland, OR - 1968-80
Community Center. Oakland, CA - 1968
Marywood College. Scranton, CA - 1968
Notre Dame University. South Bend, IN - 1967
Immaculate Heart College. Los Angeles, CA - 1963
Norfolk Gallery. Reno, NV - 1977-78
Three Women, Gallery 252. Philadelphia, PA - 1974
IBM Show. New York City, NY - 1968
Beacon Open Studios, Beacon, NY - 2009
Ellen Schrigo Gallery. New York City, NY - 1977
Jewish Community Center. Scranton, PA - 1976
Margo Levine Gallery. Los Angeles, CA - 1976
Knodler Contemporary. New York City, NY - 1975
Everhart Museum. Scranton, PA - 1975
Arras Gallery. New York City, NY - 1974
Alonzo Gallery. New York City, NY - 1972
Galaria Da Barra. Barcelona, Spain.
Galeria Egman. Madrid, Spain.
Galeria Punto. Valencia, Spain.
Galerie Pauli. Lousanne, Switzerland.
J.A. Galeria de Arte. Seville, Spain.
Victor Solanas. Zaragosa, Spain.
The Anne Gallery. Santa Rosa, CA
Associated American Artists. New York City, NY
The Art Wagon Galleries. Scottsdale, AZ
Choice Incorporated Galleria Design Center. San Francisco, CA
Downtown Gallery. Honolulu, HI
Gallery by the Hill. German Town, PA
Georgetown Graphics. Washington, DC
Gold Hill Gallery. Virginia City, NV
Golden Door. New Hope, PA
Martha Jackson Gallery. New York City, NY
Michael Himovitz Gallery. Sacramento, CA
Midtown Plaza Gallery. Rochester, NY
Modern Art Editions. New York City, NY
Philadelphia Print Club. Philadelphia, PA
Susan Brown Gallery. Scottsdale, AZ
Tivoli Gallery. Salt Lake City, UT
Young Gallery. San Jose, CA

Carol Spain Statement


My work has always been inspired by architecture and technology in the modern world. It is basically non-objective and colorist in nature.

Commencing in 1967 my vision in terms of my work began to evolve with direction. My work was selling and being collected. I was exhibiting three or four times a year.

Through the years I have experimented with form and color. My early work reflected this in a strongly assertive manner. The goal was to move closer and closer to pure form or pure statement that was sufficient unto itself and was open to little or no interpretation.

My more recent work has the same two objectives of color and form, allowing the spaces around the color to state form or shape, however, the direction has been toward the concept of expressiveness and the romantic notion of interpretation. My work now allows the viewer more latitude to define and to be a part of the work. It has evolved from a more classical point of view to a more romantic vision. Having taught art history, I am conscious of the changes in my work.

My creative life is one of the important sides of my life. My involvement in process, the actual making of a painting, is ongoing and very exciting. I enjoy the aspect of problem-solving that occurs in terms of balance of form and color. Painting is a meditative experience. I live with my paintings around me. And the painting I am currently working on is in my primary living space. This gives me an opportunity to constantly reflect on it.

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